Hertz Vehicle Recall Procedure




A. General

  1. It is the policy of The Hertz Corporation to promptly repair all vehicles subject to manufacturer recalls.
  2. All safety related recalls will be coordinated through the Corporate Fleet Department in Park Ridge with the exception of Canada, where manufacturers notify both the locations and Canadian Regional Office in Toronto, Canada.
  3. Repairs for all recalls must be completed as soon as possible after receiving the Recall Notice from the manufacturer.
  4. Safety-related recalls not promptly repaired must be placed on "Shop" status until the repair work is completed. Every effort must be made to complete non-safety related recalls within 60 days of parts availability from the manufacturer.
  5. At Hertz locations that have in-house maintenance facilities, the recall work is performed locally following the repair instructions supplied by the manufacturer. Completion of affected vehicles is reported to central management. When no in-house maintenance facilities exist, vehicles are sent to manufacturer's local dealership for repairs.
  6. Repairs completed by Hertz mechanics for recall vehicles are recorded on internal repair forms and maintained in vehicle maintenance history files. The service mechanic will place a "Campaign Completed Recall Sticker" on the driver's door frame. The date of the repair and recall number will be noted on the sticker.


B. Recall of Fleet Vehicles

  1. When vehicles are recalled, the manufacturer issues individual recall notices for each vehicle which identify the recalled vehicle by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  2. The manufacturer also issues a Recall Service Bulletin containing repair instructions and listing the parts required for the repair work.
  3. A listing of affected vehicles will be received centrally and distributed to locations with affected fleet.
  4. Recalled vehicles are then promptly removed from service.
  5. As many daily repairs as possible must be scheduled until all the recalled vehicles are repaired.
  6. The mechanic completes the repairs and records work on internal repair forms, which are maintained in vehicle maintenance history files.  A Campaign Completed Recall Sticker is then placed on the driver's door frame, with date of repair and recall number.
  7. Completed repair forms are collected centrally and submitted with the claim to the manufacturer for payment.


C. Recall of Retail and Wholesale Vehicles

  1. The Area/Maintenance managers must track open "outstanding" recalls to ensure timely completion. All outstanding recalls must be completed prior to offering the vehicle for sale. 


Please Note:

The policy is taken from an internal document entitled "Procedure 7-55, Compliance with Manufacturer Recall." Information specifically related to internal documents (forms, form numbers) and details referencing Hertz internal descriptions ("Owning City, " e.g.) have been removed for clarity to the general reader. The overall procedure remains intact.