hertz entertainment services

Hertz Entertainment Services

Hertz Entertainment Services provides vehicles to feature films, television shows, live broadcast television productions, touring, commercials and event productions worldwide. Some of our services include but are not limited to the following

  • Specific division tailored for Film/Television Production
  • National dedicated sales team
  • Customized production rates
  • Complimentary vehicle pick-up and delivery
  • Pro-rated rates after the first 30 days of rental
  • Straightforward and quick account setup
  • Credit lines available
  • Customized monthly billing

Vehicle Guide

Hertz Entertainment Services specializes in production vehicles including but not limited to:

  • Crew Vehicles Provided vehicles for the crew’s personal use
  • Sto and Go Mini Vans & Large SUV’s Transporting filming equipment & supplies
  • 12-15 Passenger Mini-Vans Transporting cast, crew, and equipment
  • Luxury Vehicles Transporting talent or producers

Contact Information

Jim Heine

Market Sales Executive

Cell: (213) 494-7071

Email: James.Heine@hertz.com


Amanda Yoho

Director, N. American Sales

Cell: (661) 904-9359

Email: Amanda.yoho@hertz.com