A World of Benefits for Association and Travel Club Members

Millions of Association and Travel Club members around the world have already experienced the savings available through Hertz Member Benefit programs. If your organization offers a program with Hertz, you can take advantage of membership discounts and value-added offers while enjoying the benefit of the many Special Services Hertz has to offer.


Your group's program "CDP" number is the key. Be sure to mention it when making your reservations and present your membership card or Hertz Member Discount Card (distributed through your organization) at the time of rental. Contact your Association/Travel Club membership department for program details and ask about the availability of Hertz value-added offers.


A Special Message to Frequent Travelers: If your rental qualifies for miles/points through one of our Travel Partners, be sure to mention your frequent traveler number at the time of reservation and provide the necessary information at the time of rental. The bonus you earn is in addition to your Association/Travel Club CDP savings.


How do we join? If your Association or Travel Club wishes to receive the benefit of Hertz savings and services, click the Join Now button below.


Call your travel agent or Hertz for reservations. In the U.S., call the Hertz "Members Only" Desk at 1-800-654-2200. When calling Hertz in Canada, dial 1-800-263-0600.